Do you need a financial and/or health care power of attorney?

Matrium Law Group is a family law and estate planning law firm located in Missoula, Montana.  If you live in Montana and you need a financial POA or a health care POA, or both, you should contact a Matrium Law Group attorney at (406) 552-7814.  

Whether one or two documents would be appropriate for a financial POA and health care POA depends on your situation.  We prefer to use two documents when you are naming one person to be a health care agent and a different person to be a financial agent.

However, if you are naming the same person as agent to serve in both capacities, we may decide to use one POA.

Using one document may be more efficient, while using two documents may result in more privacy. 

To discuss these options and to have a licensed Montana lawyer prepare your POAs, contact Matrium Law Group at (406) 552-7814.