Please do not take the: “Till Death Do Us Part” phrase of your marriage vows too seriously!

Blog Post by Janel Chin

Are you concerned that your spouse or another one of your heirs is abusive and/or suffering from addictions?  Issues like that can lead to situations where an heir is overly stingy or wasteful with the assets they inherit when a loved one dies.  If you are married, but want to limit what your spouse can inherit when you die, a law firm like Matrium Law Group that focuses on family law, estate planning and probate is well positioned to assist you in ensuring that your wishes are carried out.

Are you living a separate life emotionally from your spouse?  If so, you may want to consider a post nuptial agreement to ensure that any estate planning that has been done or will be done in the future will be successful.  State probate laws often operate so that a significant portion of assets go to your spouse unless you take action to prevent them from exercising their right of election after you die.  Post nuptial agreements with signed mutual waivers are good way to dictate that what is written in your Will should dominate over state laws that otherwise prevent you from disinheriting your spouse.

Matrium Law Group attorneys specialize in helping folks divorce in the most peaceful, non-damaging way possible.  If you are someone you know is permanently separated from their spouse please do not hesitate to contact an experienced collaborative family law practitioner as the contempt, anger and apathy that staying in a failed marriage long-term can generate can be unhealthy. 

And should you find yourself divorced be sure that you seek the assistance you need to ensure that your estate plan is revised so that new beneficiaries or trustees are designated in accordance with your wishes.  Wills, trusts and estates and divorce are more intertwined then many people realize: Matrium Law Group attorneys specialize in family, estate planning and probate law and are happy to assist with the important tasks involved with major life events we all face over time.  Or perhaps you or someone you love planning to say “I do” soon?  Before you do, it would be prudent to consider the wisdom of prenuptial agreements. 

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